JAK TRANS s.r.o.

JAK TRANS s.r.o. - Company head office: Demjata 236, 082 13 Tulčík - Branch: Kapušany 714, 082 12 Kapušany

About us

Ján Klobušovský company was founded in 1999 focusing on the commercial - construction activity. Since 2002, it deals with domestic and international freight transportation, focusing on the transport of bulk materials (gravel, stone, coal, secondary raw materials and agricultural commodities). In present time, the company deals with purchase and sale of cereals, stone and gravel.

The company currently owns nine trucks Scania EURO III, IV, V with all-aluminum trailers SCHWARZMULLER 50 to 57 cubic meters, equipped with scroll sheet. Our vehicles changed regularly.

Drivers are required to be crewed in accordance with applicable regulations and are trained in OSH regulations, undergo driver training, medical, psychological visits.

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